The international jury grants two prestigious awards: the “Sprar Prize” for the best documentary, and the “Migrantes Prize” for the best short film, sponsored by the Migrantes Foundation.

The monetary value of the award is 3.000 euros for “Sprar Prize” and 1500 euros for” Migrantes Prize”. The award Institute acquires the rights to use the work for non-commercial promotional activities.

The Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (Sprar) was created by Law No 189/2002 and is made up of the network of local institutions that implement reception projects for forced migrants by accessing, within the available resources, the National Fund for Asylum Policies and Services, managed by the Ministry of the Interior and provided under the Government fi nance law.

The Migrantes Foundation is an organisation formed by the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana to provide religious aid to migrants, Italian and foreign, to promote attitudes and initiatives of brotherly welcome in Christian communities as regards these people, to stimulate, in their civil communities, the understanding and valuing of migrant identities and a setting of peaceful cohabitation, respectful of the rights of human beings.