Rules and guidelines 2019

MyART Film Festival

Visioni Mediterranee: A Mediterranean Film Festival on Migration and Human Rights.

# 4 – Cosenza, October 2020

1. Time, Place and Title

1.1. The fourth ediction of MyART Film Festival will be held in Cosenza in October 2020.

2. Objectives

2.1. MyART Film Festival is an occasion to show to the Italian audience less known high quality cinematography productions. Particular attention in the choice of films is given to young directors, to new tendencies and new audiovisual languages hailing from the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The presence at the Festival of directors from three continents creates an opportunity for professional exchanges between workers in the Italian and European sector, and also the opportunity to stimulate co-production within the South and enhance the understanding of the themes connected to immigration, integration and intercultural activity.

3. Foundation and Organization

3.1. The Festival is organized by the Associazione Culturale Multietnica “La Kasbah” Onlus, that has worked in education and promotion of human rights since 2001, also supporting activities of interaction and exchange between different cultures.

3.2. For the Festival, “La Kasbah” appoints an Executive Management and an Artistic Management.

4. Activities of the Festival

4.1. The program of the Festival is subdivided into the following cinematographic sections with the presentation of the following prizes*:
(The management, for every edition of the festival, reserves the right during the organizational period to affirm and/or modify the prizes and their value. The prizes are assigned by specifically appointed judges drawn from the Artistic Management for each edition of the festival (see Point 7).

4.1.1. Documentary Competition
Documentary films created by directors of the nationalities admitted to the competition (minimum duration 50 min.) On themes relating to immigration, integration and cross-cultural exchange in Mediterranean Counties.
Best documentary will be awarded a “Sprar Prize”. The monetary value of the award is still to be determined. The award Institute acquires the rights to use the work for non-commercial promotional activities.

4.1.2. Short Film Competition
Short fiction films created by directors of the nationalities admitted to the competition (maximum duration 30 min). On themes relating to immigration, integration, and cross-cultural exchange in Mediterranean Counties.
Best short film will be awarded a “Migrantes Prize”. The monetary value of the award is still to be determined. The award Institute acquires the rights to use the work for non-commercial promotional activities.

4.1.3. Non-Competitive Section
Trailers that present the recent work of established directors, critically-acclaimed films, films that have won prizes in major international festivals, the best of contemporary cinema that narrates and interprets reality on the themes relating to immigration, integration and cross-cultural exchange. The possible projection of the films submitted in the Non competitive section, will be decided at the incontestable discretion of the Stage Management.

4.1.4. Special Sections, Themes, Retrospectives, Homages (non-competitive).
* For each edition, the management reserves the right to confirm or modify the prizes and their monetary value during the organization phase. The prizes are awarded by juries specially made up by the Artistic Direction (see point 7).

4.2. In addition to the cinematographic program, the Festival will organize meetings with the participants and round table talks.

4.3. During the event a Festival Centre will be set up, a meeting space for the attendees and the public, where multidisciplinary displays will be presented, and activities inspired by the culture of three continents, and meetings on the theme of current events will be offered.

4.4. The Festival devotes particular attention to young people and to students with a School Space: special screenings, a panel of young judges, meetings with directors and training seminars.

5. Film Registration

5.1. The selection of films is handled by the Artistic Management of the Festival on the basis of artistic value and of content.

5.2. Films and videos that can participate in the competition sections – trailers preferably in Italian – are those produced after 1st January 2018.

5.3. To register your film in the festival it is necessary to submit the entry form and to send the film in its original language (subtitled in Italian or English) in Blu-ray disk format or by emailing an mp4 file, h264 file, or download link (Vimeo or Google Drive) to the following email address: with user and password, following the procedure indicated in the entry form, before 31th July 2020.

The link must remain open and active until the end of the Festival event.
These materials must be accompanied by: the film plot, the director’s bio-filmography (listing the original titles of the works and any prizes won).

5.4. The Registration Fee is € 15,00. Fees for multiple subscriptions: 10 euros for each additional work.

5.5. The subscription fee is to be paid within 10 days from the subscription completion, by bank transfer to bank account n. 70089 – Iban: IT10F0335901600100000070089; BCITITMX; made out to Associazione Culturale Multietnica “La Kasbah”, Cosenza; Bank: Prossima; reason: “subscription fee MyArtIFF” – “your name and surname”-“film title”.

5.6. The information regarding the selected films, biographies, filmographies and photographs will be used for the creation of the catalogue. The contents of the editorial productions that make up the informational materials of the Festival are covered by the free license Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike CC-BY-SA released under license CC Creative Commons (for further information refer to

5.7. The secretary of the Festival will send the results of the selection by 30th September 2020.

5.8. The title-holders of the selected works must respond to confirm registration, within 7 days from selection, sending by mail to the following documentation: technical data sheet, artistic and technical cast; brief director’s commentary on the documentary; 1 photo of the director in high resolution (jpg format), 4 photos of the film in high resolution (jpg format), a digital trailer (30” max) for promotional use (mp4 format or h264 with a max bitrate of 5000 kbs). 10 press books will be welcome (optional).

5.9. The copy of the film selected for the Festival must reach us together with a back-up copy in Blu-ray, in Cosenza no later than 30th October 2018 (on pain of elimination), following the instructions that will be provided by the Planning Office: by post or courier: to Associazione Culturale Multietnica “La Kasbah” Onlus, Via Bengasi,1 – 87100 Cosenza 2/3.

5.10. The Blu-ray disks sent for selection will not be returned. They will be entered into the audiovisual archive of the Festival for internal use and for the Festival’s own promotional purposes, or for eventual non-commercial use.

6. Sending films for screening

6.1. The Festival Management reserve its right to accept only the following formats for screening: 35mm film, DCP, Betacam SP (PAL), Blu-ray. In the case of 35mm o DCP, Blu-ray must also be sent.

6.2. The festival secretary will contact the representative about the delivery of the copy of the film for screening to determine the means of shipping.

6.3. The copy of the film for screening must arrive at the Festival no later than 30th September 2020 (on pain of elimination).

6.4. All the copies must be presented in their original language with subtitles in Italian, English or French.

6.5. It is requested, where possible, that posters, fliers, and paper promotional materials are sent with the screening copy.

7. Judges and Prizes

7.1.  Judges will be selected from VIPs from the world of cinema and cultural industry for the documentary and short film competition sections. Students of secondary schools will constitute the people’s choice panel for the Non-profit Short Film section. The judges are entrusted to bestow the official prizes.

7.2.  In addition to the official prizes there will be special prizes and recognitions.

8. Non-circulating use

8.1. All the films selected in Competitive and Non-Competitive Sections shall remain in the MyArt Film Festival Archive, in order to be used for non-circulating use, documentation, educational and cultural purposes.

9. Entrance for the general public

9.1. The films will be shown in cinemas in the city of Cosenza.

9.2. Entry to the festival is free to the general public.

9. Press

10.1. Journalists can request a free press pass.

10.2. Requests for press passes must arrive no later than 30th October 2019.

10.3. Requests for press passes must be presented on headed, signed paper from the management of the interested newspaper.

General rules

All the shipping costs of the films are the responsibility of the senders, save those specified and agreed upon with the Planning Office.

The Festival does not cover screening fees for the films selected in the Competition.

In case of loss or damage of the Blu-ray copy, the responsibility of the Festival will be limited to the cost of reprinting the second copy according to current rates in Italy.

The present rules are drawn up in Italian and in English. In case of problems of interpretation, the Italian version takes precedence.

The request of admission to the Festival entails unconditional acceptance of the present rules.

The calendar and projected timetable fall exclusively under the authority of the Management of the Festival.

The Management of the Festival can make decisions relative to unforeseen issues not addressed by the current rules. All possible disputes will be held at the Court of Cosenza.

The title holders of the film who want to participate in the contest will have to fill and send the form within 31st July 2020, send an mp4 file or a h264 file or a streaming link to including user and password (which will have to remain open and active until the end of the festival), following the procedures presented in the announcement).

Nationality of Participants Admitted to the Competition

Akrotiri and Dhekelia (United Kingdom)
Gibraltar (United Kingdom)