Visioni Mediterranee – Second edition
MYART Film Festival 2018
Meetings in Art between Young Artists from the Mediterranean - 16th, 17th and 18th November 2018

MyART Film Festival is an occasion to show to the Italian audience less known high quality cinematography productions. Particular attention in the choice of films is given to young directors, to new tendencies and new audiovisual languages hailing from the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The presence at the Festival of directors from three continents creates an opportunity for professional exchanges between workers in the Italian and European sector, and also the opportunity to stimulate co-production within the South and enhance the understanding of the themes connected to immigration, integration and intercultural activity.

News and events

9 Jun, 2020 0
The films can be submitted within 31st August 2020 Registration is officially open to the fourth edition of MyArt International...
25 Oct, 2019 0
Un nutrito numero di studenti dell’ITAS A. Nitti di Cosenza, rispettivamente il triennio dell’indirizzo grafico e il triennio dell’indirizzo sociale,...
19 Oct, 2019 0
ere are the documentaries and the short films selected to be judged by di Daniele Ciprì, Andrea Segre, Ilir Butka,...