The winning films of
MyART Film Festival's fourth edition

It’s “Nardjes A. – A day in the life of an Algerian protester” by Karim Ainouz 

the winner of the 4th edition of MyART International Film Festival

Ainouz’s film has been granted with the award dedicated to Sarah Maldoror, film director and activist who died this year. The award is granted by SIPROIMI, the System of protection for beneficieries of international protection and foreign unaccompanied minors.

One of Maldoror’s daughters, Annuchka De Andrade, live fom France, announced the jury’s motivation to the Brazilian film director.

Karim Ainouz, live from Berlin, was very happy and honoured for receiving an award dedicated to Sarah Maldoror, a film director who was able to portray the African society and its desire for redemption and emancipation from colonialist ways of thinking that have halted its indipendence and economic development for years.

Ainouz’s film will be released in Italian cinemas from 2021 by Maria Letizia Gatti’s Reading Bloom.

For its ability to show, with freshness and hope, the fight and the political responsibility of a young Algerian activist – energetic and powerful female character willing to change her Country; for the director’s ability to make us feel strongly empathetic to Nardjes, the main character, and the other protesters, taking us by their sides without filters, in the heart of the protest; and also for breaking the stereotypes about women’s condition in North African Countries: by Nardjes’ side, we actually find many other “fighting” women of different generations: these are the reasons why the jury, composed by  Daniele Gaglianone, Serena Gramizzi e Valerio Cataldi decided to award the touching work by Ainouz.

Exam by Sonia K. Hadad (Iran) has been awarded the Shady Habash Award, granted by  Fondazione Migrantes, for the best short film. “For describing, with growing tension, dry style and a wise use of cinematic time, the day of a teenager forced to live a life she does not desire”: this is what the jury – composed by young Calabrian film directors Alessandro Grande (competing at 38° Torino Film Festival with his first work REGINA), Aldo Iuliano (about to release his first feature film Space Monkeys) and Mario Vitale (author of L’Afide e la Formica, his first feature film) said. The jury has also ment to give  a special mention to the short film “I am afraid to forget your face” by Sameh Alaa,

Egypt, “For being able to condense in a short film the impossibility of living a love story, using a habit that is usually portrayed in films only to speak about cultural differences and prejudice”. Both short films are distributed in Italy by Zen Movie by Giulio Mastromauro, whose work “Inverno” has won the David di Donatello 2020 for the best short film.


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The Mediterranean Sea as the cradle of civilization has always been connecting, rather than dividing people. In this tradition, we are a platform for exchange between films, filmmakers and the audience, NGOs and activists from all countries bordering the Mediterranean.

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