Visioni Mediterranee – fifth edition
MyART Film Festival | 2021
A Mediterranean Film Festival on Migration and Human Rights. #5 - Cosenza, 26th-30thOctober 2021

MyART is a Mediterranean Film Festival on Migration and Human Rights. In the heart of the Mediterranean (Cosenza, Calabria), we create space for alternative storytelling and debates. We showcase independent, high-quality film and documentary productions and organize a number of events before, during, and after the festival.
We want to discuss violations of their basic human rights and shed light on all sorts of gender-based discrimination. At the same time, we aim to tell stories of empowerment and freedom.

The Mediterranean Sea as the cradle of civilization has always been connecting, rather than dividing people. In this tradition, we are a platform for exchange between films, filmmakers and the audience, NGOs and activists from all countries bordering the Mediterranean.

Eventi principali

News and events

30 Jul, 2021 0
Works can be submitted within 2st September 2021 Posponed to 2th September the deadline for registration to the fifth edition of...
29 Mar, 2021 0
Works can be submitted within 31st July 2021 Registation to the fifth edition of MyART International Film Festival is now...
13 Dec, 2020 0
It's "Nardjes A. - A day in the life of an Algerian protester" by Karim Ainouz the winner of the...
1 Dec, 2020 0
Documentaries and short films from Israel, Iran, France, Spain, Egypt, Brasil, Pakistan and Italy. The dream of a girl from...