The Festival

MyART is a Mediterranean Film Festival on Migration and Human Rights. In the heart of the Mediterranean (Cosenza, Calabria), we create space for alternative storytelling and debates. We showcase independent, high-quality film and documentary productions and organize a number of events before, during, and after the festival.

This year, we turn the spotlight on women and girls. We want to discuss violations of their basic human rights and shed light on all sorts of gender-based discrimination. At the same time, we aim to tell stories of women as change agents, of empowerment and freedom.

The Mediterranean Sea as the cradle of civilization has always been connecting, rather than dividing people. In this tradition, we are a platform for exchange between films, filmmakers and the audience, NGOs and activists from all countries bordering the Mediterranean.


Some thoughts, to start with

For many years now, Calabria is, again, in the very centre of global migration movements.

People who are forced to flee their home countries continue to arrive at our shores. We are proud to say that Calabria made itself known for its open and welcoming communities. At the same time, we are fully aware of the social and cultural challenges that we face. Let us not forget that Calabria is among the poorest regions in Europe, with the highest unemployment rate in Italy.

Populist parties are growing all over Europe. This is worrying us, just like the rising nationalist, racist and misogynist rhetoric that comes with it.

All this calls for our immediate attention.


Our Mission

Genuine, constructive dialogue is our response to these challenges.

We believe that Calabria’s geographic position in the heart of the Mediterranean is not mere symbolical. The Mediterranean Sea as the cradle of civilization has always been connecting, rather than dividing people.

And here is where our mission starts: We want to be a platform for exchange and create an environment where people from different backgrounds get in touch with each other, discuss and learn.

Why a film festival?


Cinema is a powerful tool to create awareness, to inspire and educate people. Film theatres continue to be cornerstones of the local communities to this day.

And films create unique experiences. They make you cry, laugh – and think.

A film festival creates opportunities:

… for films to do their magic and create awareness for the vulnerable.

… for filmmakers to promote their work and get in touch with the audience.

… for NGOs and activists from all over the world to meet and discuss.



Join us!

We are a group of human rights activists and passionate films fans. Many of us work on a voluntary basis. Want to be a part of the exciting, interesting and fun festival that is MyART? Get in touch!