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Documentary competition
Documentary Jury
Documentary Jury
Wilma Labate


Wilma Labate works and lives in Rome.
She debuts in ’89 with a film “ Ciro il Piccolo”, about young workers from Naples. In 90 she shot her first film, “ Ambrogio”, a story of a young girl who decides to be a captain in the Italy at the turn of ’60.
The second film “ La mia generazione” is a travel from the south to the north in a armored truck, in which a police captain and a political prisoner meet each other, the film won awards in Italy and abroad. In 1999 – 2000 she comes back in Naples to shot the feature film “ Domenica”, to tell the story of a little girl with an uncertain future and a seriously ill policeman.
In 2008 she direct “SignorinaEffe”, a love story between a Fiat employee and a worker, proud to be such and a same factory worker, in a Turin of 1980 during the 35 days of struggle that have changed the relationship between the country and the working class.
Between one film and another he shoots many documentaries, from Genoa 2001 to Palestine, to today’s anarchists, to the toil of work, convinced that the documentary is an authentic and exciting expressive form.
“Something about us” is the meeting between a group of young aspiring writers and a prostitute, who will help them to spill their guts.
This year will be at the Venice Film Festival with “Arrivederci Saigon”.
From 2010 to 2013 he was President of the Artistic and technical commission for cinema of the Sardinia Region.

Documentary Jury
Gianfranco Pannone


Gianfranco Pannone (Naples 1963) lives and works in Rome.
His documentaries got recognition in many film festivals in Italy and abroad, and have been broadcast on the main European television networks. In the 90’s he directed Piccola America (Little America), Lettere dall’America (Letters from America), and L’America a Roma (America in Rome). Later he directed Pomodori (Tomatoes) (1999), Sirena operaia (Siren Worker) (2000), Latina/Littoria (2001), which won the best documentary film award at Turin Film Festival, Pietre, miracoli e petrolio (Stones, Miracles, and Oil) (2004), Io che amo solo te (I love you only) (2005), Cronisti di strada (Street reporters) (2006), Il sol dell’avvenire (The Future Sun) (2008), ma che Storia… (What a story…) (2010), Scorie in libertà (Free dross) (2011-‘12), Ebrei a Roma (Jews in Rome) (2012), Sul vulcano (On The Volcano) (2014), finalist at David di Donatello and Silver Ribbon 2015 awards, L’esercito più piccolo del mondo (The World’s Smallest Army) (2015), awarded the special Silver Ribbon prize 2016, and, recently, Lascia stare i santi (Let the saints be).
He teaches direction at Csc- Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma (Center for Experimental Cinema at Rome); he is program co-ordinator and teacher of direction in the Masters in Cinema and Television at the University Suor Orsola Benincasa of Naples, as well as module convenor for the Documentary Cinema Workshop in Dams (Department of Arts, Music and Theatre) at Roma Tre University.
In 2010, with Mario Balsamo co-wrote L’officina del reale (The Workshop of Reality) (ed. Cdg) and in 2011 Docdoc: dieci anni di cinema e altre storie (Docdoc: Ten Years of Cinema and Other Stories) (Cinemasud).
His most recent work is titled “World Za”, a documentary (80’) about Cesare Zavattini and the Bassa Reggiana’s territory.

Documentary Jury
Simona Nobile


Simona Nobile works as a screenwriter, story editor and tutor internationally.
Today he is in charge of developing screenplays for cinema and television and is a consultant for several production companies, training institutions and European development and coproduction funds such as Media – Creative Europe and Eurimages. Professor of Story Editing at the University “La Sapienza”, he was part of the Commission for Cinematography of the MiBact – Cinema General Direction.
Her credits as story editor, development consultant and production supervisor include: Agnelli (directed by Nick Hooker, HBO Documentary Films, 2017), Un Altro Me (directed by Claudio Casazza, production by Graffiti Doc, 2016), Romeo & Juliet (direction by Carlo Carlei, production by Amber Ent./Echolake/Svarovski Ent./ Indiana Prod., 2013), Il Generale Della Rovere (directed by Carlo Carlei, production by Rizzoli Audiovisivi / Rai Fiction, 2011), L’Aviatore (directed by Carlo Carlei , Rizzoli Audiovisivi / Mediaset production, 2008).

Short film competition
Short film Jury
Short film Jury
Lorena Luciano

Director and video editor

A passionate filmmaker with a Law degree, Lorena Luciano tells unforgettable stories from a ground-level angle, directing films that speak to audiences that are starkly different. Her films focus on social justice, the human rights, the environment, as well as on the arts, and she is the recipient of several prestigious artist grants such as the MacArthur Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, Bertha/Idfa et al. Her documentaries, winners of numerous awards (Best Director Award at the Taormina Film Festival, Social Justice Award at NYC SR Film Festival, Best Jury Award at Milan International Film Festival, Best Documentary at San Marino Film Festival) have been screened and distributed internationally.
He curated co-direction and video editing of the documentary titled “It will be chaos “, (93 minutes, Usa / Italy, Hbo, 2018) awarded as Best Director at the Taormina Festival, 2018; and co-directed and editing of “Coal Rush”, (90 minutes, Usa, 2012).
As a freelancer producer/editor she works on short and long formats, on TV series and branded content for global distribution (Netlix, Hbo, Hulu, Rai Cinema). She lives in New York with her two children and her husband and film partner Filippo Piscopo.

Short film Jury
Antonio Martino

Antonio Martino was born in a small village in Calabria in 1977. In Bologna, sixteen years later he graduated in D.A.M.S. – Cinema. In 2006, using a small hand camera, he shot his first documentary: “Gara de Nord_copii pe strada”, the story of some children living on the street close the train station in Bucharest. With this work, in 2007, he awarderd, among numerous prizes, by the prestigious Ilaria Alpi Award.
In 2010 co-founded the company of Bo Film production.
«The need to tell stotries about humans and the environment in which they live, in a moment of deep social changes – explains Antonio Martino – pushes me to work in the documentary sector. Often the stories I choose concern environmental, social and political issues. The digital revolution that has taken place in last years in the world of cinema allowed me to tell stories in extreme places, following unconventional narrative approaches ».
Now Antonio Martino is working on “Valentin – Son of Europe” documentary.
In 2017 he released “Abu-Salim – The Price of Freedom”. And in 2016 his multi-award film “The Black Sheep”, awarded like best documentary at the first edition of the MyArt Film Festival.
Other Martino’s works are: “What remains” (2014); “Isqat al Nizam – At the borders of the Regime” (2012); “Be Water, My Friend” (2019); “Nìguri” (2009); “Pančevo_Mrtav Grad” (2007).

Short film Jury
Corrado Serri

Director of photography

Corrado Serri is a director of photography with many years of experience also as a machine operator. He worked for movies and for advertising films.
In 2017, at the International Fashion Film Award he obtenied nomination like best photograph for “Missoni Desert” by Greg Ferro, and for “Fallen” by Tak Kuroha.
In 2016, at the 49th edition of the Houston International Film Festival (Usa) he won the Gold Remi Award for “WAX We Are The X” by Lorenzo Corvino.
In 2014, as part of the ZeroTrenta Cortofestival of Argenta (Fe), he won the Best Photography Award for “Have Sweet Dreams” by Ciprian Suhar. In 2015, at the Short Film Film Festival in Augusta (Sr) he received the Best Photography Award in the international competition section for the same film.