Cinema in the villages of Calabria. MYArt presents “Fuori campo / Off site” project
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Cinema as means of cultural and economic growth in Calabria, and the importance of investing in the area as well as in the professionals who work here.


The Calabrian Cinema Network is a recently formed collective, made up of workers of all levels within the cinema and audio-visual industry. The members are linked by the fact that they are Calabrians and a good part of their working activity is undertaken in this region. The group gathers around the common desire to support the production of visual art in Calabria, as well as discussions and the fusion of local cultures; an objective summarised in the concept of a ‘network’, which was not included in their name by chance.

For these reasons, and also to try to reactivate enthusiasm for arts and culture in the smallest villages of the region (often characterized by the lack of auxiliary structures such as cinemas and theatres), The Calabrian Cinema Network wishes to organise an activity directed towards self-promotio, presenting films created by its members, as well as to amplify discussion with other groups and institutions of the territory, establishing some kind of of collaboration that allows them to organise formative and educational events (at regular intervals and always in different places), that would bring cinema, art and culture to all those tiny peripheral centres of Calabria where which have the great need to involve all citizens and, in particular, members of the younger generation who are often deprived of adequate positive stimulation. The Calabrian Cinema Network’s project – aware of the enormous employment opportunities offered by the sector of audio-visual production, which features a wide variety of professions– wants to engineer people’s active participation in formative courses within the sector; as well as give examples of the results attainable (and attained), with the screening of works by its members, many of whom are important, prize-winning figures.

The following people will manage the project “Fuori Campo / Off-Site”: Fabrizio Nucci, president of The Calabrian Cinema Network, co-founder of the cinematographic production house Open Fields Productions; Luigi Simone Veneziano, vice-president of The Calabrian Cinema Network, director, editor, independent producer, Francesca Manna, in charge of Social Communications for The Calabrian Cinema Network, film-maker and theatre producer.




28 aprile / 17:45 / Cinema San Nicola / Free entry

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