Myart Film Festival 2017 winners
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“The black sheep” by Antonio Martino was awarded as best documen-tary of MYArt Film Festival first edition, which ended tonight at Cin-ema San Nicola in Cosenza. The jury special prize was awarded to “Castro” by Paolo Civati. “The Dead Sea” by Stuart Gatt was judged best short film.
“Loza” by JEan-Sébastien Desbordes was the best short documentary in the festival.

Best documentary

“The black sheep”
by Antonio Martino

For having been able to tell the realization of a young man that does not passively accept a one-way religious creed in modern Libyan society, torn by a civil and geopolitical war. A story in which the author’s view becomes witness and conscience of the protagonist, and follows him until the hard choice of a “new promised land” where he can freely ex-press his own identity. Focusing on freedom of expression, religion and human rights, this film reminds us the strength, the need and the urgen-cy of making documentaries.

Libya, 2014. Ausman has fought for revolution, being sure that without Gheddafi his Country could be free and democratic. But after three years from revolution, Libya is experiencing total chaos: the Country is divided because of tribal wars and an extremist religious ideas prevail. Speaking of freedom is dangerous, speaking of religious freedom is im-possible. The ones who don’t adjust risk their lives. Ausman finds him-self at a turning point: to deny what he thinks, conforming to the domi-nant way of thinking or to keep fighting for his freedom of religion, speech and thought, risking his own life?

Special jury prize – documentary

by Paolo Civati

La the jury has decided to confer a special prize to Castro, because – in a complex and always changing microcosm – the director profoundly and lightly tells the strain of people longing to a better life, taking us into a real choral score fro faces, thoughts and actions of the inhabit-ants of an occupied building, involving us in that humanity, in that world.

Special mention – documentary

“The Ramadan Cannon of Jerusalem”
by Atta Awisat and Nimrod Shanit

The joined signature of a Palestinian director and an Israeli one that –
through the obstinacy of a Palestinian popular actor – shows us a need: that art becomes the hope to solve to the long arab-israeli conflict.

Best short film

“The Dead Sea”
by Stuart Gatt

A short film dealing with a barely known story: forced detention in Libyan jails. Gatt’s direction shows violence with elegance, also thanks to extraordinary actors. A story that expresses the drama of a brutal reality, the one of the immigrants of the Mediterranean area, forced to be witnesses of a lost humanity.

Special mention short film

“Lost Exile”
by Fisnik Maxhuni

An “on the road” film with a bitter taste shows what happens on the migrants’ routes to which media still pay little attention. A direction handled with full-length film times develops into a retention story made of gazes and silences.
Best short documentary

by Jean-Sébastien Desbordes

For showing us the bravery and the determination of those people who fight against walls and prejudices every day, facing inhuman and unfair laws risking their own freedom. For bringing to light the drama of borders and showing, through a mother and a daughter embracing again, the beauty of a borderless humanity. A call to stay human. Fagera boum!

Special mention Short documentary

di Susanna Barnard e Sofia Borges

For reminding us that cinema also prevents oblivion. For confirming that “Places have memories. They remember everything”*, and that memories of places are essential parts of people’s identity.
*Wim Wenders


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