Here are the films in competition at MyART Film Festival 2020
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Documentaries and short films from Israel, Iran, France, Spain, Egypt, Brasil, Pakistan and Italy.

The dream of a girl from Zanzibar, torn between the desire for a family and the one of emancipation through a higher level of education and a career; the regrets of an Arab collaborator of the Israeli security forces who helped the Jews to buy land from Palestinians; the hell, the horror, the sufferings and the indelible scars of war told through the lens of fourteen reporters; the popular rebellion against the candidacy of president Bouteflika, in the running for a fifth mandate, which broke out in Algeria in March 2019 and resulted into the “Smile revolution”; the existences of Wail, Mario, Donato and Damas in a suburb of Turin; the lives of Kebba, James, Edward, Seedia, Lamin and Joseph in a depopulating valley of the Italian inland; the motherly gaze on Maya kids’ situation.

This is what we find in the films competing at MyART Film Festival’s fourth edition, that will be held online from 9th to 12th December. Seven documentaries among which the jury composed by Valerio Cataldi, Daniele Gaglianone and Serena Gramizzi will choose the winner of the 3000euros prize granted by the System of protection for beneficiaries of international protection and foreign unaccompanied minors (Siproimi) and dedicated to Sarah Maldoror, film director from Guadaloup. The films are: “Ndoto Ya Samira (Samira’s dream)” by Nino Tropiano; “Socher Hakarkaot (Around the bed of a dying collaborator)” by Tal Michael and David Ofek; “In prima linea” by Francesco Del Grosso and Matteo Balsamo; “Nardjes A. – A day in the life of an Algerian protester” by Karim Ainouz ; “Aurora” by Giuseppe Bisceglia; “Ghiaccio” by Tomaso Clavarino and “Niños Maya” by Veronica Succi.

As for the short films in competition, whose evaluation is entrusted to Alessandro Grande, Aldo Iuliano and Mario Vitale – to grant the 1500 euros prize given by and dedicated to Egyptian videomaker Shady Habash – there are the story of a teenager involved in the delivery of a packet of cocaine (“Exam” by Sonia K. Hadad); the bus trip of a pregnant woman going to her doctor and rebels against patriarchy (“May I have this seat?” by Tabish Habib); the moral dilemma of a recruiter of day laborers in the southern fields (“Sottosuolo” by Antonio Abbate); cold in the hardest season in the Greek carnies’community (“Inverno” by Giulio Mastromauro); fear and intolerance in the country of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (“Deux options” by Gon Caride); the plans of a middle aged woman contacting a wedding agency to recruite an appealing and unaware girl (“The blue bed” by Alireza Kazemipour); the obstacles that Christian has toovercome to send his brother to school (“Giusto il tempo per una sigaretta” by Valentina Casadei); the first, difficult love story between two schoolmates, in just one day (“Marina, Marina!” by Sergio Scavio); Klaudio’s dream to become a basketball player in a dangerous Albania (“Klod” by Giuseppe Marco Albano); the labours of Adam who, after 82 days, is up for anything to see his lover (“I am afraid to forget your face” by Sameh Alaa).

Film in competition | 2020

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