MyART Film Festival 2018 jury
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In a time of the post-truth, fake news and political exploitation of reality, in which the schizophrenic oscillations between true and false seem to occupy all the spaces of public and private communication, we need to seek and promote alternative storytelling against collective psychosis.

In this horizon MyArt Film Festival takes place, a competition organized in Calabria by the Multi-ethnic Cultural Association “La Kasbah” and the young film production company LAGOFILM, which will be held in Cosenza from 16th to 18th November 2018.

The documentary section will be judged by the director Wilma Labate (in Venice Festival 2018 with her last film “Arrivederci Saigon”), the documentarist Gianfranco Pannone (author of “Lascia stare i santi” and “Mondo Za”) and the screenwriter Simona Nobile.

For the short film section, the jury will be composed by the director and producer Lorena Luciano (who has just produced “It will be chaos – Chaos”, for Hbo, Director award at the Taormina Festival 2018), the documentarist Antonio Martino (winner of the documentary section of MyART 2017 with the multi-film “The Black Sheep), and the director of photography Corrado Serri.

MyART prizes are also important: 3,500 euros for the “Sprar” Award for documentaries (offered by the Protection System for asylum seekers and refugees) and 1,500 euros for short films awarded by Migrantes (the foundation established by the Italian Episcopal Conference to ensure religious assistance to both Italian and foreign migrants, to promote attitudes and works of fraternal acceptance in their regard to Christian communities).

As for the first edition, the program of extra events will be  very rich. The festival will open with the screening of “Arrivederci Saigon”: the documentary by Wilma Labate about the incredible story of “Le Stars”, a young Italian band that was unexpectedly sent to Vietnam from the Tuscan province to play in the American military base. Another event will concern the screening of “Mondo Za” (produced by Movimento Film) and the short documentary – also by Gianfranco Pannone – “Con Ugo” concerning Ugo Gregoretti; Also planned is the screening of “It Will Be Chaos” by Lorena Luciano and Filippo Piscopo and the presentation of the book of poems “The measure of hands” by Simona Nobile published by Giuliano Ladolfi.

A special event will then be dedicated to directors Antonio di Trapani and Marco de Angelis with the screening of their last film “Terra” and the teaser of “White Flowers” – with the direction of photography by Corrado Serri.

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